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HOLIDAY MEDYA was founded by Aşkın KOÇ

After graduating from high school and finishing his education in hospitality and tourism, having worked as a model for some time, AşkınKOÇ opens a modeling agency and organizes fashion shows.  Work in fashion industry and cooperation with media brings Aşkın to TGRT channel where he starts his own program “TATIL REHBERI”, the main subjects  of which are vacation and tourism.


In 2001Aşkın KOÇ joins ETV channel where he starts a program “AşkınKOÇ’la GEZI TURU” (A Tour with Aşkın KOÇ).  The program becomes a huge success and is broadcast for a long time on Kanal6, TV8, Kanaltürk, TD1, FOXTURK channels and in 2009 and 2011 on SHOWTURK channel.


The subject of tourism becomes so interesting for the audience, that Aşkın KOÇ starts his own column in “Aksam” newspaper and receives “Golden Lens” award from Association of Journalists in 2004. Later his work gets commended on by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey, Antalya Mayor and other provinces of Turkey.  Aşkın receives more than 100 awards from the hotels and other representatives of tourism industry.


“Aşkın KOÇ’la GEZI TURU” (A Tour with Aşkın KOÇ) during the 13 years of its existence, becomes a guide for all the tourists. In 2010 Aşkın KOÇ creates a new TV project “Tourist Arena”, where he discusses serious issues of tourism and hospitality industry. The program is made in the CINE5 studios.


His work on TV, in the tourism and recreation sphere, as well as his extensive experience in implementation of TV projects, bring Aşkın KOÇ to creation of a new project – HOLIDAY MEDYA.


HOLIDAY MEDYA internet platform slowly but surely grows and becomes famous in the world of tourism.  The Internet TV - HOLIDAY TİWİ, a magazine - HOLIDAY MAGAZİN, and online booking system - HOLIDAY TUR proclaim themselves to the world in the summer of 2012.


In 2013 Aşkın KOÇ makes serious investments into his Production Company and creates a strong and a professional team.  The company’s goal is to work on major projects in TV and advertising industry.


HOLIDAY MEDYA doesn’t stop on the achieved. Among new 2014 projects are HOLIDAY FIRSAT, a last minute deals online booking site and TATİL UZMANI – an Internet portal about tourism and vacations.


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